Brian D. Schwab

Director - Information Delivery


Brian D. Schwab

Brian Schwab is a Director with Meradia Group, and has 28 years of wide-ranging financial services experience. In his role with Meradia, Brian taps into his significant investment services expertise to deliver client-focused projects while also driving business development efforts. Prior to Meradia, he was Vice President of Legg Mason Private Portfolio Group, one of several roles he had during his tenure with the asset management firm. At Legg, Brian’s ambitious nature saw him lead Legg's effort to form their Asset Management Technology Solutions group. In partnership with Thomson Reuters and using PORTIA, AMTS provided middle-office outsourcing services to large asset managers.  Working alongside front, middle and back office colleagues has provided Brian the unique ability to understand each group’s challenges, anticipate potential problems and deliver meaningful solutions.

Brian began his career as a Stock Broker after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing from University of Maryland. During his MBA program at Loyola College, Brian worked at the Calvert Group, where he quickly found a natural correlation between the systems analytics curriculum and his operational and trading role with Calvert.  This synergy of reason, logic and discipline led Brian to systems & technology positions within the financial services industry.  After Calvert, he worked for USF&G supporting their investment management group.  Brian’s team were pioneers in leading the implementation of the firm’s first mission critical app that ran outside of a mainframe.

An avid skier and former rugby player, Brian's competitive, fun nature is a welcome addition to Meradia's team.  Though few of us at Meradia share his love of the Washington Redskins, we all appreciate his blind devotion to his favorite team. Aside from rooting for the Redskins, Brian and his wife also spend large amounts of their time on the sidelines watching one of their four kids’ lacrosse, football, field hockey, basketball and rugby games. Like father, like sons (and daughters).