Kathy M. Kreamer

Business Operations Manager



Kathy M. Kreamer

Kathy M. Kreamer is the ‘glue’ that holds Meradia together.  She’s an active point of coordination for Meradia’s clients, consultants and vendors.  She helps with everything from client projects to Meradia's technology infrastructure.  A special knack for monitoring and maintaining multiple projects, Kathy is able to prioritize, plan and stay organized no matter what task is thrown her direction. 

Kathy honed her skills at a successful financial investment firm where she worked for 9 years prior to joining Meradia Group in 2007.  Kathy is a self-taught, self-starter with a proven track record of succeeding wherever she chooses to focus.  Detail-oriented and tireless, she takes pride in the work that she delivers to Meradia and its clients.  She takes even greater pride in being a dedicated and loyal employee and coworker.

Kathy’s hard work and dedication doesn’t end at the office; she ran with Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company for 5 years and volunteered at a local nursing home for 2 years. When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family; especially her son and twin daughters.  But Kathy isn’t your typical mom.  You’ll often hear the cliché that someone isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.  This applies literally to Kathy.  She has been known to tune-up her Camaro (her “other baby”), rebuild her favorite hydraulic log splitter and self-execute home repairs ranging from replacing roofs to drywalling entire rooms.