Mark R. David



Mark R. David, CFA

Mark David joined the Meradia team in April of 2016, where he employs his particular expertise in the fields of portfolio performance, construction and analytics. Bringing 37 years of industry experience to the task, Mark has the unique ability to take innovative investment concepts and bring them to life by assembling the requisite math, data and tools.  If you ask colleagues about Mark, the words that frequently crop up are “creative”, “analytic”, and “possessing a solid grasp of the Portfolio Manager’s decision process.” 

As a thought leader in his field, Mark speaks regularly at industry forums, and has published several ground-breaking articles on performance attribution. One of his favorites - “Bespoke Attribution: Illustrating the Manager’s Process” - discusses the gap between standard attribution methodologies and the proprietary investment story that the portfolio manager actually wants to tell.

Mark obtained his Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 1989, after ten years spent management consulting and directing R&D at Technical Data, a fixed income analytics arm of Thompson. After a few years managing investment data and analytics products at Lotus Realtime and OneSource, he really hit his stride when he founded his own boutique consulting firm, Essex River Analytics. 

When not travelling with his family, Mark enjoys cooking, programming synthesizers, amateur robotics, and writing the elusive novel.  Recently, he’s called upon both his cooking and writing interests to produce a cooking blog with his wife.