Patrick K. Nicholson



Patrick K. Nicholson

If you want to know about the newest app for your iPad or have a technical question, look no further. As a Principal with Meradia, Pat brings 25 years of financial services experience and technical "know-how" to his role. He worked in business operations and IT for firms including Alliance Capital Management, Shearson and Smith Barney. Pat’s prior roles include Mutual Fund Operations Manager, IT Programmer Analyst, IT Project Manager (B/D back office and Managed Accounts), and most recently, ten years as Smith Barney's Consulting Group Director of Technical Services. As leader of the Technical Services Group, Pat led a team of 25 performance/risk/asset allocation experts, while also spearheading the design and implementation of leading-edge investment consulting search and client reporting tools.

Pat came by his interest in mathematics, statistics and software through his upbringing in Chapel Hill, NC as the son of UNC's Department of Statistics chairman. His multidisciplinary degree, Mathematics-Decisions Methods, from UNC-CH includes applied mathematics, statistics and computer sciences. Pat is a past holder of the CIMA designation.

Pat's areas of expertise and interest include Portfolio Accounting, Client Reporting Design, and Investment Consulting and Analysis tools. Outside of work, you will find Pat on a golf course or entertaining his family with his sleight of hand magic tricks.