Our Services

Meradia helps clients leverage the past, analyze the present and optimize the future.

Meradia understands the language and complexity of financial services.  Our consultants develop practical solutions to enhance productivity, profitability, customer experience, regulatory compliance and more.  Whether the issue relates to the back, middle or front office, Meradia successfully moves businesses through today’s challenges towards tomorrow’s vision.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzing the competitive landscape provides industry vendors and participants with a better understanding of current and potential markets. Conducting an effective SWOT analysis allows firms to develop strategic action plans to capture additional business by penetrating attractive markets and strengthening existing markets.

Meradia leads these strategic initiatives by gathering, analyzing and distilling market and competitive information that helps firms develop action plans and drive decisions that prioritize target market penetration. 

Conversion / Implementation

Investment firms frequently upgrade, consolidate and replace systems to meet new regulatory or operational requirements. System conversions and implementations, particularly those affecting mission critical functions and those involving substantial IT development, pose significant challenges.

Meradia guides firms through change initiatives by providing IT development, project management, analysis, solution design and testing expertise that streamlines the conversion / implementation process. From planning to implementation and everything in between, Meradia brings to bear a uniquely qualified team with deep experience leading successful, full-scale system conversions.

Data Management

To satisfy investor and client demand, investment firms offer more products and services than ever before. With this expanded offering comes a greater need to quickly, accurately and properly assimilate and distribute investment data. Centralizing and standardizing data is critical to a firm’s operating efficiency. Mismatched data results in trade breaks, reconciliation issues and reporting discrepancies that can undermine client, regulator and partner confidence.

Meradia leads investment firms through data management initiatives that organize and centralize data assets. From advising and building data warehouses to establishing effective protocols, Meradia taps into its significant data management and IT development expertise to guide clients through high visibility, high profile projects with optimal results.

Knowledge Management

Many investment firms do not properly document their operating procedures, as evidenced by research indicating that firms typically capture only 30% to 50% of the procedures, processes and workflows used by their teams.  Effective documentation requires subject matter expertise combined with strong writing skills. Knowing what to include and what not to include is just as important as writing the documents.

Meradia combines relevant subject matter expertise and excellent writing talent to provide financial services organizations with much-needed knowledge management guidance.  Procedures and workflows often become outdated, especially following conversions or system implementations. By adhering to a formal process for auditing and updating these critical documents, Meradia helps clients mitigate the risk associated with inaccurate or incomplete documentation. 


For investment firms, increased client sophistication and demand, combined with heightened regulatory requirements, has escalated the importance of scalable, flexible client reporting. Adapting to rapidly changing client-reporting requirements can make all the difference in a firm’s ability to attract and retain clients, while satisfying regulatory objectives.

Meradia leads investment firms through client reporting initiatives by driving the process of designing content, functionality, format and branding, consistent with requirements. Meeting the requirements of multiple stakeholders, while creating scalable solutions, is challenging. Meradia leverages its expertise with reporting infrastructure, IT development and automated processes to help firms accomplish organizational objectives. 

Solution Design

Effective end-to-end solutions address all business and technical requirements, interface new vendors with legacy systems and integrate business and technology processes. Knowing how to design and implement these solutions requires significant expertise, especially when utilizing IT development methodologies. Equally important is having the ability to navigate obstacles to keep the project moving forward. 

Meradia’s team has a unique combination of business and technical expertise, honed from years of experience with IT development, designing and implementing solutions, applying in-depth vendor knowledge and developing industry best practices. Understanding the importance of designing effective solutions is one thing; actually creating, building and supporting them is a completely different skill set, something that Meradia demonstrates with each and every solution design engagement. 

Vendor Selection

Reviewing, evaluating and choosing a service provider can be a daunting and challenging task. Managing the needs of multiple key stakeholder groups can undermine the overall project, and put the organization’s goals at risk. Applying a thorough and detailed information gathering process, cost benefit analysis and due diligence assessment are critical steps in selecting the most appropriate vendor.

Meradia’s expertise with leading investment firms through a comprehensive, efficient and unbiased RFP process takes the guesswork out, and helps firms choose a vendor that best meets the organization’s overall objectives. By utilizing a formal methodology that documents, analyzes and provides recommendations, along with conducting gap analysis, defining requirements, implementation and go-live support, Meradia successfully guides investment firms through vendor selection and contractual processes.