Andrea S. Masek, PMP

Senior Consultant


Andrea S. Masek, PMP

Andrea Masek has been and continues to be an incredibly successful Program / Project Manager.  She has managed projects in several industries including insurance, mortgages, behavioral health, pharmaceutical and financial services.  At the beginning of her career, she started off as a computer specialist at a small mortgage company tasked with programming a small computer system.  Instead of staying in her lane, she reached beyond her current knowledge set to learn a new trade (processing mortgages).  This drive is a constant theme in Andrea’s career; moving from programmer, to team leader, then project manager, senior project manager, eventually to VP / Strategic Program Manager for Investments.

Andrea believes fairness, honesty and meaningful employment are important attributes in this world.  She has been described by employers and coworkers as organized, trustworthy, dedicated, knowledgeable, fair and honest; key values in the consulting industry. Though Andrea’s career has been full of accomplishment, she is most proud of the Eagle Pricing Center Implementation completed at T. Rowe Price. She successfully managed more than 20 FTEs, in-house / off-shore consultants, vendors and contractors that led to the completion of several multi-million dollar highly visible, critical projects from proof of concept through deployment and maintenance mode.

Family and community are very important to Andrea. In memory of her nephew, she volunteers with the Maryland Patriot Guard supporting wounded warriors at Walter Reed Medical Center. Andrea spends most of her time away from work with family. She enjoys making special meals in the kitchen, growing vegetables in their garden and spending time at their pond relaxing by the waterfall. You can also find Andrea and her husband in their work shop, crafting wood projects and fairy gardens while listening to rock music.