Mark R. David, CFA

Director - Performance, Risk & Analytics


Mark R. David, CFA

Mark David spearheads the global Performance, Risk & Analytics practice for Meradia, having joined the team in April of 2016. He and his team directly address the proprietary and increasingly complex information requirements demanded by modern front-office managers. Mark is responsible for eliciting, informing and refining these requirements, then pivoting to marshal and coordinate the necessary resources - Meradia subject matter experts; data and software vendors; data management, operations and IT - to get the job done to the highest standards of quality.


Mark obtained his Charted Financial Analyst designation in 1989, after ten years spent management consulting and directing R&D at Technical Data, a fixed income analytics arm of Thomson. After a few years managing investment data and analytics products at Lotus Realtime and OneSource, he founded the boutique consulting firm, Essex River Analytics. 


Over 30 years of hands-on domain experience, a published thought leader and sought-after speaker: Mark is the person to deliver your performance, risk and analytics solutions.