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To an industry in flux, Meradia delivers change.

Change has become a constant in the financial sector. Whether generated by competition, regulation, shareholder or client demand, financial service companies must evolve.  We navigate complex situations and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Euro Break-up: Operational Considerations and Recommendations

Due to a rapid deterioration in the economic and political climate in the European Union countries and increased odds of the exit or complete breakup of the EU, Meradia hosted a roundtable in January 2012.  We invited senior management from asset managers and industry vendors to discuss the operational implications of the potential break-up of the Euro.  Following this roundtable meeting, Scott A. Wybranski, President and CEO of Meradia was asked to address SIFMA’s Asset Manager Forum in NYC.

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Standardize to Optimize: Improving Operating Efficiency

Systems, data and processes that support the complete investment process – trading, compliance, reporting and analytics – are vital to client service, operating efficiency and business intelligence. While investment firms recognize the importance of operating efficiency, many do not fully appreciate the value that standardizing processes can bring to their overall operations. A firm that understood this value engaged Meradia to help standardize its systems, processes and data across the firm. 

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Ensuring Go-Live Success- Coordinating Stakeholder Training

A sometimes underestimated and often underappreciated aspect of an implementation project concerns training. When an investment firm implements a new system, particularly one affecting a large number of staff, training is a key success factor. Without a plan to organize, coordinate and train the various groups, go-live success is at risk.  

A large wealth manager engaged Meradia to lead the organization and coordination of training for a new enterprise-wide implementation. The firm tasked Meradia with a significant objective: arrange for the delivery of training to a global team, across multiple functional groups, and covering several different project phases.  

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Investment Performance Systems - Demystified

While the prime objective of active asset management firms is the search for alpha, important questions arise: How does one measure alpha, identify levers that contribute to alpha and define a consistent process? In simpler terms, these could be viewed as return computation, performance attribution and systemic automation of the investment performance process respectively.

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Taking Command and Righting the Ship-Saving a Foundering Project

Investment firms regularly undergo system conversions and implementations. Implementations that fail may carry significant reputational, operational or financial risk. While investment firms work hard to avoid or mitigate risk in the investment selection process, this risk focus is, at times, an afterthought when it comes to delivering projects.

A large wealth manager engaged Meradia to help it reset a key project that was in danger of failing. The firm needed Meradia to take control of several key project components, including data validation, gathering/writing business requirements and establishing effective communications with a vendor whose system was being implemented.

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Implementing Market Value Reconciliation: Confirming Data Quality

The only thing more powerful than money, is information.  What happens when that information is money?  Financial data flows become increasingly sophisticated and complex with each passing day.  Clients want to see accurate and timely reporting of billions of dollars (in terms of market value).  To stay competitive financial service providers need to ensure enriched and properly mapped data, from a wide variety of service providers, is reported in a timely matter.  

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Tim Knox, Data Management and Governance Practice Leader Joins Meradia Group.

Meradia Group is thrilled to welcome Tim Knox as leader of our Data Management and Governance Practice Area. Tim will guide our clients through the complex process of selecting and implementing advanced data management solutions and the development of best practices in data governance. Tim’s specialty is the creation of operating efficiencies from sales to settlement on a global level: Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America.  

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Course Correcting A Shaky Project - Taking Control and Managing The Vendor

Without strong project management and leadership, systems implementations have a greater risk of failure. A global investment firm was trying to implement a third-party system and experiencing project challenges, resulting in missed deadlines, deliverables and go-live dates. The firm engaged Meradia to assume a leadership role in the project by taking control of the vendor relationship and course correcting a shaky project.  

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The Changing Landscape of IT Business Project Development

The link between IT and business teams has long been disjointed, with both working, at times, independent of each other in completing projects. Back in the 1980s, both groups were aligned in pursuit of a common goal, and tapped into a rich, robust set of experiences in support of initiatives. Meradia's Pat Nicholson examines this topic, and recommends several ways in which firms can restore the balance by changing their approach to IT business project development. 

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Do More, With More: Meeting Growing Data Challenges

Financial service organizations of all sizes face ongoing data management challenges. As data stores mature, they attract new customers and sometimes suffer growing pains as a result.  Meradia was called in to address data quality and scalability issues arising from the rapid expansion of a data warehouse.

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How to Improve Client Reporting


Increased regulatory scrutiny, heightened client sophistication and their even higher expectations make client reporting critical for investment managers.  Meradia’s Dan Stout shares his views with FUNDfire on the framework required to effectively attack these multi-faceted, often highly-complex client reporting initiatives.    

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Is Your Company Active or Reactive In The Data Governance Journey?

Meradia recently held a well-attended roundtable: a collaborative conversation on the topics of data management, data governance and data protection.  In attendance were a variety of senior individuals with roles that included a chief data steward, performance and analytics SVP, risk management data SVP and a mutual fund operations manager.  All of whom were from leading financial services firms in core banking, fund administration, investment banking, insurance and institutional asset management.

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