From first contact to long-standing engagement, it is critical to have a cohesive roadmap of your customer’s journey to understand their pain points and evolve service accordingly. What’s more, client experience has emerged as a key differentiator for many financial firms amid increased industry competition.

The technologies your team relies on to maintain, report, and distribute key relationship data have changed dramatically over the last decade. Today, new systems emerge at such a rapid pace that it is challenging to identify the most viable solutions and ensure all components function seamlessly.

Meradia has implemented transformational tools and technologies that allow organizations to exceed customers’ demands for new reporting and content delivery from complex and disparate data. We have a proven track record of enhancing many aspects of the customer experience, including:

  • Client journey mapping
  • Target operating model and roadmap development
  • Individual-focused or holistic process evaluation and improvement
  • Client reporting, both institutional and wealth
  • Client portal implementation and functionality
  • System selection and RFP processing
  • Client data repository and mining
  • CRM integration and design
  • Sales and sales enablement
  • Regulatory and compliance considerations
  • RFP, RFI, DDQ tracking and response systems

By combining Meradia’s extensive knowledge of the buy-side investment management industry and our deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, we can help your firm navigate the path to provide an exceptional client experience.