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Gaining Efficiency: Improving Client Service & Business Intelligence

 Progressive wealth management firms recognize that the complete investment process involves multiple systems, data types and workflows supporting multiple front and middle office groups, and that gaining efficiencies can improve client service and business intelligence. Understanding the operational interdependencies between systems, processes and teams, and developing an effective solution that produces operating efficiencies requires deep knowledge of front and middle office operations.

A wealth management firm engaged Meradia to review its systems, processes and data, and create and implement a solution to drive gains in efficiency resulting from better client service, business intelligence and reduced operating costs and system risk. Meradia deployed its strategic vision and leadership, middle office operational expertise, and industry experience to drive a successful solution design and process optimization engagement. By assessing the firm’s existing operating structure, Meradia identified mission critical issues and designed a solution that facilitated more efficient processes, standardized data and improved intelligence.

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