Building a Resilient Data Strategy: Learning from UniSuper’s Google Cloud Incident

DATA STRATEGY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER, BUT MANY OVERLOOK THE “LESS SEXY” COMPONENTS Across Fortune 1000 companies, nearly 88% identified investments in data and analytics as a top organizational priority in 2023, with over 82% of organizations saying they are increasing that investment (Statista, 2024). The message is simple. Enterprise data strategies are critical […]

Migrating from Internal Data Stores to Cloud-Based Data Vaults: An Exploration

Organizations are increasingly migrating from traditional, internal data storage systems to more dynamic, cloud-based data vaults. This transition is crucial for businesses looking to leverage the vast potential of big data in a modern, data-driven environment. With platforms like BNY Mellon’s Data Vault, State Street Alpha Data Platform, JP Morgan Fusion, and several others, enterprises […]

Recap: 2024 Investment Data and Analytics Symposium

Investment Data professionals joined Meradia’s Brian Buzzelli, Mick Cartwright, and Ben Smith in Chicago at the 2024 Investment Data and Analytics Symposium. KEYNOTE SESSION BREAKDOWN Meradia Director, Head of Data Practice Brian Buzzelli, had the honor of introducing a distinguished panel of Chief Data Officers. These industry leaders, Elizabeth Pritchard (Liberty Mutual Investments), Anand Sahasram (Dodge & […]

Competitive Edge and Business Value Begins With Data Quality

The strategic importance of maintaining high data quality in asset management is pivotal, given the industry’s reliance on precise and timely information for decision-making, regulatory compliance, and client satisfaction. In this article, we explore the crucial role of data quality in various facets of asset management. Getting data quality right enhances operational efficiency, fortifies client […]

Cash Drag or Collateral-Derived Alpha: The Choice Is Yours

Generating alpha is hard enough, so why let cash drag stifle returns?  With derivative-laden portfolios in a high-interest rate environment, collateral presents opportunity to improve returns.  The decade-long period of low-interest rates created detrimental habits with a default cash collateral model. Asset owners face challenges in diversifying collateral beyond cash due to existing infrastructure that […]

Performance Vendor Selection: RFP and Proof of Concept

BACKGROUND A large Canadian pension fund manager needed to replace their outdated performance measurement and attribution platform. After years of asset growth and complexity, the investment manager was constrained by homegrown systems. Additionally, reporting on portfolio and benchmark relative performance information grew into a highly customized system of data staging and visualization dashboards. Operations teams […]

Charting the Course: Enhancing Performance Through Effective Private Market and External Manager Practices

Asset Owners¹ play a pivotal role in the institutional side of the investment landscape, utilizing capital markets to fulfill the long-term needs of beneficiaries. Their objectives are intricately tied to liquidity requirements and investment horizons, overseen by stakeholders such as Boards, Trustees, and Investment Committees. Given the diverse asset classes involved, a blend of internal […]

The AI Revolution: Must-Knows for Financial Operations Leaders

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the financial sector is not merely a trend but a transformational evolution redefining the industry. This paper illustrates strategic business cases within financial operations where AI has not only been implemented but has also generated substantial value. At Meradia, we are convinced that the intersection of human creativity […]

Meradia’s 2024 Industry Outlook

As we conclude the first quarter of 2024, the financial services industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, driven by transformative technologies with potential to reshape investment operations. At Meradia, we anticipate a dynamic year will continue to unfold, characterized by innovation, regulatory shifts, and strategic opportunities. Reflecting on discussions with my team and […]


The financial industry is witnessing a transformational ‘tidal wave’ of change, with vendors exerting a gravitational pull on the front office, providing integrated data and applications while asset servicing providers absorb post-trade, middle, and back-office operations. Generative AI, NLP, and machine learning demonstrate near limitless application and use opportunities. Competition for assets and consistency in […]

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