Selecting a Data Aggregation Vendor? Here Are 5 Questions You Should Ask

Numerous vendors provide data aggregation services, and choosing the right one for your business requires asking the right questions. You may be tempted to select a solution based on the broadest coverage of sources, such as custodians and banks, or product pricing. Those criteria work well if your goal is to provide a snapshot view for your front-office advisors and clients who require a holistic financial picture. On the other hand, if your objective is to create an accounting book of record (ABOR), providing key inputs for critical investment management and reporting activities, you need to ask vendors about their processes. Here are five questions that will help you narrow your search and find the best fit.

by Tina Madel, CFA, Wealth Practice Lead…

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Top Benefits of Hiring a Consultant To Manage Your Front-Office Transformation

The front office of an investment management firm is rarely, if ever, managed by a consultant. Key functions such as Head of Portfolio Management and Head of Trading are roles best suited for internal personnel. However, there are certain scenarios when it’s more effective to leave the work to an external resource. Here, we explain how front-office consultants can help your firm through a business transformation in ways internal resources can’t.

by Elizabeth M. Colebrooke, Principal…

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Look Before You Leap: A Risk-Based Framework To Aid Middle- and Back-Office Outsourcing

The consolidation of middle- and back-office outsourcing is gaining popularity across the investment management industry. To date, there have been many debates around the pros and cons of this trend. Whether your firm has already made the decision to outsource or is actively evaluating options, there’s much to consider. How do you know you’ve made the right choice? Have you considered the most important factors? We believe wearing a “special” lens might reveal insights missing in existing discussions, paving the way for a novel method to assess comparable offerings and potentially result in superior outcomes.

by Jose R. Michaelraj, CIPM, CAIA Senior Consultant…

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3 Red Flags You Are Missing Business Transformation Opportunities

Have you selected a new investment operations system to replace your legacy technology and manual workarounds? Or have you decided to outsource investment operations to a service provider?

Both efforts are significant, and likely the largest your part of the organization has ever seen. Are you making the right decisions? Or are you missing a golden opportunity to advance your business and improve the way you work? Here are three red flags you’re overlooking business transformation opportunities.

by Brian J. Lollar, Managing Director…

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What is a Performance Book of Record (PBOR), and Why is it Important to Leverage Data as an Asset and Driver of Growth?

The concept of a Performance Book of Record (PBOR) has continued to evolve across the investment management industry. This paper, which was featured in the Journal of Performance Measurement, outlines the state of PBOR today and why it can help firms leverage enterprise data for future growth.

by Richard E. Mailhos, Principal and Investment Performance Practice Lead

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