A leading global provider of integrated solutions for institutional asset managers used Markit EDM to provision the security master supporting their multi-client investment management platform. The organization wanted to adopt an approach that would extend the capabilities to also satisfy their wealth management and banking security master needs. The client had growing demands for customization. Meradia was engaged to facilitate and contribute to a series of design workshops with the aim of answering three key questions:

  • Could Markit EDM (and the supporting systems) meet the growing needs of both outsourcing and wealth management divisions?
  • What changes would need to be made to the existing Markit EDM implementation in order to meet these extended requirements?
  • Is Markit EDM the appropriate platform to implement for a single, shared, enterprise security master?


The client’s decision timeline dictated that we approach the recommendation project in an expedited manner. Meradia convened a series of workshop sessions with representatives from technology, data management and business stakeholders from each of the business lines to understand actual requirements, translate these into common frames of reference, and investigate any technology or architecture constraints and programs that would impact decisions.


The output from the workshop sessions was translated into a prioritized list of both shared and unique requirements and then measured against current capabilities as well as planned enhancements to identify gaps and estimate the work effort to remediate. The client was able to use this output to estimate the costs of adopting Markit EDM as the preferred solution and to compare this to an internal alternative platform. Further, Meradia’s deliverables included detailed recommendations for enhancements to the existing platform and, where required, restructuring to meet the additional requirements.

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