End-to-End Process Evaluation for Service Provider

BACKGROUND A leading global provider of integrated solutions for institutional asset managers engaged Meradia to document operating procedures. As a service vendor to the industry this firm was asked by existing clients, sales prospects and regulatory bodies to provide comprehensive documentation to substantiate business practices as part of due diligence exercises. Existing documentation was fragmented, incomplete and inconsistent from team to team. Subject matter experts, while adept at daily operational responsibilities, lacked the writing and communication skills necessary for creating effective process flows or clearly communicating the rationale behind tasks. Additionally, technological underpinnings were in flux and new capabilities... Read Full Article

Security Master Scalability for Institutional and Wealth

BACKGROUND A leading global provider of integrated solutions for institutional asset managers used Markit EDM to provision the security master supporting their multi-client investment management platform. The organization wanted to adopt an approach that would extend the capabilities to also satisfy their wealth management (and banking) security master needs. Both within and outside of Investment Management Services, their clients have growing demands for customization. Meradia was engaged to facilitate and contribute to a series of design workshops with the aim of answering three key questions: Could Markit EDM (and the supporting systems) meet the growing needs of the Investment... Read Full Article

Performance and Attribution Capabilities Audit for a Global Asset Servicing Company

ENGAGEMENT Meradia’s client, a global asset servicing company, acquired a Central European asset servicing firm, which included a middle-office software vendor. The software vendor served both the newly acquired Central European asset servicing business and had independent clients. Meradia was engaged to identify and evaluate ways our client could leverage this newly acquired software asset. Options included: sell the software and technology arm; leverage the vendor platform as a new foundation to replace aging North American infrastructure; and, integrate this new platform into its overall product strategy, focusing its use on particular product segment. The vendor’s performance and attribution... Read Full Article

Scalability and Repeatability for Global Service Provider

BACKGROUND Meradia was retained by a leading global asset servicing company to solve scalability problems arising from the rapid growth of their data warehouse. Expansion of the firm’s data warehouse to meet the influx of new clients and service offerings was complex with the extension of historical data and addition of new functionality. Complicating the expansion were substantial numbers of errors occurring in parallel testing phases which prevented the migration of enhancements to production. Each new client had different needs and requirements. Staff from various teams across the globe serviced the new clients while also working to enhance functional... Read Full Article