Data and Technology

Case Study

Data Warehouse Implementation for Multi-Boutique Investment Manager

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Thought Leadership

Competitive Edge and Business Value Begins with Data Quality

by Brian Buzzelli

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Thought Leadership

Migrating from Internal Data Stores to Cloud-Based Data Vaults: An Exploration by Nicol O’Connor

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Meradia’s Data Practice assists you throughout the data lifecycle, from driving data management initiatives and integration of AI-based applications to complete data platform transformations. Our focus on applications, architecture, functions, and service improvements is geared to drive operational efficiency, adoption of transformative technologies, and promote business innovation.

Our industry expertise, combined with Meradia’s digital tools, analytical frameworks, and project accelerators, ensures that the solutions we propose and implement go beyond merely meeting requirements — but exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Align data strategy with business objectives
  • Deliver tangible business outcomes
  • Drive architecture modernization
  • Enable adoption of applied AI and evolutionary technologies
  • Establish effective data management and control
  • Promote data literacy and governance
Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)
  • Identify AI + human synergies
  • Design AI-enabled processes and data architectures
  • Evaluation, selection, and implementation of applied AI applications
Data Quality and Management
  • Drive operational efficiency with data quality controls
  • Ensure data quality specifications deliver fit-for-purpose data
  • Define data ownership and stewardship
  • Increase the trust and use of enterprise data
Data Literacy and Governance
  • Improve the firm’s trust in data
  • Ensure access to the right data when needed
  • Increase confidence in the quality, accuracy, and security of data
  • Enable data-driven decision making
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of data assets
Data Platforms and Architecture
  • Simplify architectural complexity
  • Enable transformation and transition to industry-leading data platforms
  • Reduce redundant data stores, data movement, and latency

Data applications and platforms often rank as the second-highest expense in an asset manager’s budget, following human capital. Delivering a return on that investment is an ongoing challenge for every organization across both revenue-generating opportunities and cost-reduction exercises. We understand your challenges and design solutions to deliver business value through data management and transformation programs.

Client Experience

From the first contact to a long-standing engagement, it is critical to have a cohesive roadmap of your customer’s journey to understand their pain points and evolve service accordingly. Moreover, client experience has emerged as a key differentiator for many financial firms amid increased industry competition.

The technologies your team relies on to maintain, report, and distribute key relationship data have changed dramatically over the last decade. Today, new systems emerge so rapidly that it is challenging to identify the most viable solutions and ensure all components function seamlessly.

Meradia has implemented transformational tools and technologies that allow organizations to exceed customers’ demands for new reporting and content delivery from complex and disparate data. We have a proven track record of enhancing many aspects of the customer experience, including:

  • Client journey mapping
  • Target operating model and roadmap development
  • Individual-focused or holistic process evaluation and improvement
  • Client reporting, both institutional and wealth
  • Client portal implementation and functionality
  • System selection and RFP processing
  • Client data repository and mining
  • CRM integration and design
  • Sales and sales enablement
  • Regulatory and compliance considerations
  • RFP, RFI, DDQ tracking and response systems

By combining Meradia’s extensive knowledge of the buy-side investment management industry and our deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, we can help your firm navigate the path to provide an exceptional client experience.

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