The Value of Exception-Based Processing

For many in the asset management industry, their days are spent combing through sets of data looking for problems. This is often a result of legacy technology (or inadequately utilizing modern technology) and layered manual controls. There is a better way. Modern technology offers exception-based processing capabilities that bring the power of business rule-driven automation

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Reduce Risk and Enable Scalability in Derivatives Processing by Modernizing Processes and Technology

The accumulation of temporary workarounds in back and middle office operations can pose significant risks to firms. As new opportunities arise, scalability is often hindered. Fortunately, new vendor capabilities have made it easier to modernize these operations by integrating applications into IBOR or conducting a complete re-platforming exercise. Read this article to learn how to best utilize derivatives for modernizing operations.

by Jake Daly-Leonard, Consultant

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Driving Strategic Transformation for Wealth Management Firms: A Framework for Technology Vendor Selection

Like many industries, wealth management is undergoing a change. Demographic and generational shifts in wealth will continue to reshape services and enhance the digital experience . In a survey of 120 wealth managers, 87% reported that they have made significant investments in technology over the past several years. Tech transformations within large wealth management firms are often achieved through integrations of vendor platforms with proprietary applications, as stakeholder needs are particularly diverse. A single platform solution may solve for a set number of stakeholders, but firms with various client types require multiple solutions that integrate seamlessly. Deciding on the best technology partners requires a proven, structured approach to technology evaluation.

by Tina Madel, CFA, Senior Manager
Jose Michaelraj, CIPM, CAIA, Manager
Josh Gerwick, CFA, CIPM, Consultant

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Key Operational Considerations for Crypto Investment Managers

As demand for crypto offerings intensifies, asset managers entering this market are facing new operational challenges that are unique to this emerging asset class. This article highlights regulatory, valuation, performance, and safekeeping aspects of traditional managers’ operations that require a special approach when it comes to digital currencies.

by Natasha Romanova, CIPM, Consultant

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Top Benefits of Hiring a Consultant To Manage Your Front-Office Transformation

The front office of an investment management firm is rarely, if ever, managed by a consultant. Key functions such as Head of Portfolio Management and Head of Trading are roles best suited for internal personnel. However, there are certain scenarios when it’s more effective to leave the work to an external resource. Here, we explain how front-office consultants can help your firm through a business transformation in ways internal resources can’t.

by Elizabeth M. Colebrooke, Principal…

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Purchasing a New Trading Platform? Don’t Overlook These Key Requirements

Portfolio management and trading platforms are some of the most critical decision-making, analysis, asset management and workflow tools within your organization. When it comes time for a system overhaul, small missteps can have costly and negative impacts. Let’s uncover the key requirements your firm can’t afford to miss in a system analysis.

by Elizabeth M. Colebrooke, Principal…

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: How Niche Consulting Firms Add Meaningful Value – Part 1

As the famous author Oscar Wilde once said, “The answers are all out there, we just need to ask the right questions.”

This concept can be applied to the broad world of consulting. All consulting firms, regardless of size, are tasked with fulfilling a client’s business objective. They provide requisite guidance and pertinent information at critical decision-making points. However, in a crowded market with many options to choose from, how can you be certain you have the best consultant for the job? It comes down to asking the right questions and understanding your needs. Here, we explore the unique value-add of a niche consulting firm.

by Jose R. Michaelraj, CIPM, CAIA, Senior Consultant

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How Investment Management Firms Benefit from Engaging the Right Consultant

During an era when critical skills are in short-supply and valuable IT and business personnel spend most of their working hours in meetings, consultants can make the meaningful difference between a project’s success or failure. The right consultant brings diverse skills, broad perspectives and an understanding of both business and technology. In addition, consultants are best positioned to contribute in a way seldom possible by others since they can apply focus and attention to the task at hand – something that is difficult for full time employees to do when they are juggling competing demands and BAU tasks. This article:
• delves into business problems prevalent in many investment management firms, especially in vendor product evaluations and implementations;
• deals with how an outside consultant can play a significant, contributory role; and
• leverages a practical use case to demonstrate key benefits and tangible results delivered by a Meradia consultant who moved an almost failing project to a successful outcome.

by Jose R. Michaelraj, CIPM, Senior Consultant

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