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Pricing Data Process Modernization for Investment Advisory Firm

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How to Find the Right Solution for Transforming Your Front-To-Back Office Operations by Martin Ouellette

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Transformation Challenges Facing Insurance Investment Operations by Laurie Hesketh

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 Investment accounting is a vital function that must be executed in an accurate and timely manner, and the battle to close books sooner is a conflicting endeavor. At the same time, financial instruments and their accounting rules are constantly changing and becoming more complex.

Many firms find their legacy systems are not keeping up with current demands, and keeping their systems compliant is growing costly. They are faced with employing workarounds and manual processes that slow workflows and increase the probability of error.

Meradia serves investment managers of all sizes and complexities with proven engagement approaches and methodologies from system selection through implementation. We know and have implemented the leading vendor and service provider solutions available in the marketplace, and this experience allows us to avoid the pitfalls inherent in such projects.

Front to Back Office Optimization

During a time of unprecedented competition for investor assets, your team may feel increased pressure to innovate. Researching new strategies, products, and services is itself a formidable challenge – and the expertise and effort required to implement an operationally accurate and reliable investment process extends far beyond a spreadsheet model.

At Meradia, we recognize that managing your front office for any impactful change is a daunting prospect; however, our experts possess decades of familiarity with front-office practices, analytics, data, and technology. This allows us to communicate and work with the front office with minimum invasiveness. We realize their priorities are the markets, portfolios, and clients. As such, we take on as much analysis and research as necessary for a given project to be able to present back to them the items that truly require their attention.

Middle- and back-office operations are critical in supporting a firm’s front office, risk management, compliance, and client reporting. As the industry continues to evolve and the vendor landscape changes to offer more holistic platforms and services, investment managers should evaluate their current infrastructure and operational model to ensure they can have a cost-effective operations and technology model that can scale to the needs of their clients.

Meradia helps our clients design and build efficient middle and back-office organization and architecture. This process includes reference data, investment accounting, and performance, risk, compliance, and technological underpinnings, as well as managing ABOR, IBOR, PBOR, and all the information those systems generate to explain the nuances of the investment management process. With extensive operational knowledge of specialized functions including securities lending, corporate action processing, and derivatives/collateral management, we understand common challenges and how to address them through technology and operational improvements.

Intersection points offer opportunities for efficiency gains across specific functional areas. We staff our consultancy with industry experts with experience traversing data, accounting, performance, and information delivery who can speak to each subject matter with mastery. Experienced change management and an in-depth understanding of interdependencies are required to solve our clients’ most challenging cross-functional issues.

the investment management process.
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