Data Mesh – Investment Industry Trend or Unicorn?

Recently, we attended a financial data industry event and listened to one company after another share their experiences in their data governance and management journey. That day, we learned that only a few had moved forward with a data mesh save for leaders in the industry. Those leaders shared their implementation stories, and we will share this question with you. What came to our minds at the time was whether Data Mesh was a unicorn in the investment industry. Is the self-service data platform a myth or a reality? With that question in mind, we spoke to several firms at the gathering and interviewed others afterward to learn about the data mesh ‘state of the union’ in the investment industry.

by Andrew Jacob, CFA

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UAT for Performance Transformations Is Notoriously Difficult. It Doesn’t Need To Be.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can throw projects into a frustrating and mind-numbing stall, which is catastrophic to any transformation. The terror of botching a go-live event with insufficient data commonly leads users into a frenzy of checking, double-checking, approving, re-checking, and reapproving. As the process repeats across test cases, progress toward user confidence seems negligible.

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Facing the Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions

With one in six asset managers expected to be acquired or go out of business in the next five years, preparing for M&A activities is crucial for success. It’s important to consider each option’s potential benefits and challenges and to carefully evaluate whether M&A activities align with your firm’s goals and values. However, these processes can have significant challenges, including cost management, personnel, and legal and regulatory issues. Jonathan Boersma, CFA’s latest article, “Facing the Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions”, explores these challenges and provides considerations for mitigating them.

by Jonathan Boersma, CFA

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Maximizing Value In Asset Management: A Closer Look At Insourced Operations

INVESTMENT OPERATIONS IS AN ASSET, NOT A LIABILITY What is the role of investment operations in asset management? Should asset managers insource, outsource, or use managed services? The decision is a difficult one. Discussions around modern target operating models and how to utilize investment operations have highlighted the benefits of outsourcing middle and back-office functions.

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Revolutionize Investment Operations With AI-Driven Data Catalogs

Are you looking to stand up or revise a data catalog? Is understanding your data one of your company’s goals or principles? Understanding the full scope of your data involves a top-down understanding and a bottom-up inventory. This provides valuable insights into your current state to enable multiple efforts to be launched at your firm, but who has the time? The new methodology developed using AI technology and industry expertise reduced the time and client resources required to inventory data and stand up a catalog to a fraction of the normal amount. In this paper, we share the methodology and tools to help you achieve your firm’s goals both effectively and efficiently.

by Andrew Jacob, CFA, Senior Consultant
Kevin Coffin, CIPM, Zengines, Head of Customer Success

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Vital Elements for Effective Execution of a Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is a crucial step when evaluating new technology. In addition to testing a vendor’s core capabilities, a PoC is an opportunity to confirm the system’s functionality, efficiency, and compatibility with unique business requirements. In previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of a well-defined PoC scope and documenting the results. In

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The Value of Exception-Based Processing

For many in the asset management industry, their days are spent combing through sets of data looking for problems. This is often a result of legacy technology (or inadequately utilizing modern technology) and layered manual controls. There is a better way. Modern technology offers exception-based processing capabilities that bring the power of business rule-driven automation

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Attribution for Asset Owners

While much has been written about attribution in the context of individual asset classes, the asset owner confronts a much more complex scenario. In the interest of maximizing return/risk payoff (often subject to external mandates, liability streams, and risk constraints), asset owners frequently diversify their total fund amongst multiple asset classes: equity, fixed income, hedged

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Data-Centric KPIs Enable Effective Management of Investment Performance Operations

Consider the irony… Performance departments exert their time and energy to calculate performance results that inform consumers of the impacts of their decisions on investments. Though Performance executes complex calculations and solves firm-wide data challenges for consumers’ benefit, oftentimes they forget to measure the most important performance of all… their own. This fourth installment of the Performance is Data Series explores exactly how Investment Performance teams can embark on a key performance indicator (KPI) centered approach to measure more than just the performance of others and introspectively assess operations.

by Clay Corcimiglia

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Solving for Scale: Thought Leadership Webinar

Ready to unlock the secrets behind achieving remarkable growth while maintaining operational excellence? Join four industry experts for a deep dive into the world of investment operations to find out how asset management firms are navigating the delicate balance between expansion and profitability.

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