An asset management firm that trades a significant number of ETFs was in the process of acquiring another firm which would increase their AUM to $80 billion. The acquired firm traded predominantly derivative securities and needed expertise on how to handle these securities in Eagle Data Management. The client then acquired a second firm that also required assimilation into their Eagle Data Management system. The client’s database architect contacted Meradia to learn how we can assist in working with Eagle Data Management to load and configure the new accounts and new security types with which the client had limited experience.


Meradia was able to play a lead role in the implementation of the data feeds and account setup. One of the acquired firms traded options and futures, which was a deviation from the client’s original core business. The processes to load and report the data for the acquired firm had to be completed during a tight time frame. The second acquired firm also held more diverse investment types than the client which presented additional challenges. Meradia was able to:

  • Analyze new sources of data from both acquired firms
  • Design and lead construction of the processes to load the positions and transactions into Eagle Data Management
  • Test and implement the solutions to provide accurate combined data reporting of the acquired assets along with existing assets in the same unique format that the client required


Meradia’s knowledge of the Eagle Data Management system along with our extensive expertise of how to process derivatives were critical factors in the successful implementation.

After completing the required reporting on time, we tested the process again after the client acquired the second firm, which resulted in doubling their AUM. The second firm required the conversion of two tranches of funds to go live on their Eagle Data Management system with a gap of five weeks. Once again, we were able to use our process to analyze the source data and create solutions to deliver the positions and transactions to the data warehouse in a timely manner.

After completing the initial solution, we also increased the automation of additional data processes and established a governance framework around the data.

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