Meradia was engaged by a multi-billion dollar wealth management firm to map and refine their client experience from initial prospect contact through the entire engagement lifecycle. The firm desired to provide increased scale for client and company growth while maintaining the level of excellence that has resulted in an extremely high retention rate.

Furthermore, the firm sought to understand the current state environment and create a client journey map that identified issues, or scalability concerns. This entailed examining process flows, documentation, client servicing, client communications, and client data flow through the various systems including trading, accounting, performance, and the CRM platform.

Meradia was asked to review each touchpoint and document the client journey to establish a future state view as well as the creation of a corresponding roadmap and execution plan to address any pain points, gaps, and improvements in the process.


Meradia divided the engagement into two phases:

  • Phase One – Current State Analysis and Requirements
  • Phase Two – Future State Visioning and Transformation Planning

Phase one consisted of several guided intake interviews with key members of the firm across the client and data touchpoints and the collection of any relevant documentation of the processes and procedures in place for review. From this information, Meradia was able to catalog high-level processes and assemble system flow diagrams, process diagrams and identify gaps and pain points within the current environment. These areas were confirmed as prioritized topics for review with business stakeholders during future state design sessions.

Phase two was focused on the development of the future state vision and defining a roadmap that provides a clear path to positively impact the client journey and allow for additional growth across the firm. Several design sessions were held with key stakeholders to lay the foundation for the future-state roadmap. This exercise embraced design thinking methodology and allowed for an accelerated cross-team alignment and knowledge sharing focused on an improved client engagement that supported the ability for growth.


Meradia identified top priority actions within each of the firm’s key business areas. The high-level client journey map broke the interactions down into specific steps that highlighted where these current pain points existed and recommended actions for remediation.

By providing an independent and unbiased future state vision that incorporated both business and client needs, Meradia built cross-team consensus. This brought together key stakeholders within the firm that allowed for knowledge transfer and team alignment in establishing the future state design and roadmap.

With this information, management was well-positioned to maintain excellent client service and position the firm for continued growth into the future.

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