Have you selected a new investment operations system to replace your legacy technology and manual workarounds? Or have you decided to outsource investment operations to a service provider? Both efforts are significant and likely the largest efforts your part of the organization has ever seen. Are you making the right decisions? Or do you need a golden opportunity to advance your business and improve the way you work? Here are three red flags you’re overlooking business transformation opportunities.


When putting together requirements, do you ask questions like “How will I do this function?” or “How does the system do that?”? If so, this indicates that you are focused on the process instead of the problem needing to be solved. A frequent result here is focusing on automating flawed processes versus identifying and fixing the root issue with the process. You should be focused on understanding WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY for your requirements.


Are you looking primarily at how things are done today when working with the vendor or service provider? Is “this is how we’ve always done it” a common phrase heard across the project? This approach usually leads to the new system performing similarly to the old, negating many of the advantages of the latest technology or service. Taking the time to identify the business capabilities you need to deliver and then deconstructing those aligned with industry standards or customized to your organization pays significant dividends when designing a future state that enables you to take full advantage of new technology.


Software vendors and service providers are experts in implementing their software or service – not necessarily in helping you adjust your way of working. On top of this, implementation contracts tend to focus on finishing the implementation according to what software or services were purchased. This often results in firms expecting the vendor to tell them what’s best while the vendor expects the client to tell them what they want. Having experienced resources on your team who have managed similar projects can help bridge these gaps, guide you through change, and lead to a better result.


Replacing legacy investment operations technology, whether to a new system or outsourcing to a service provider, is a huge undertaking for any firm. To get the full benefit from new technology or services, you must consider transforming your business with the technology. Meradia leverages tried and true methodology when implementing investment operations systems and moving to a service provider.
We can help you:

  • Design your future state operating model
  • Ask the proper requirements questions
  • Ensure you and the vendor are on the same page
  • Guide you through the project
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Brian Lollar

Brian Lollar leverages his front-to-back office expertise to lead Meradia’s clients through operational business transformation. With over 20 years of experience, Brian enables investment managers to maximize their operational efficiency with many of the industry’s leading platform vendors and service providers. He has a proven ability to harmonize business needs with technology solutions and build new teams from the ground up to effectively meet project requirements. Brian has worked across front-, middle-, and back-office operations, data management, and with many of the leading industry software vendors and service providers.

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