An investment management firm with $100 billion AUM wanted to ensure their end-state client reporting platform would support their evolving business. They retained Meradia to lead a strategic initiative to evaluate the current client reporting environment, prioritize and document future state reporting requirements. Following this, Meradia led the client through a selection process and made recommendations for future solutions and operational processes.


The assessment phase of the project provided a foundation to ensure the client’s end-state client reporting platform is consistent with industry best-practice and would support the investment management firm’s evolving business. During this phase we considered short and long-term business goals and requirements to create a more efficient process for selecting and implementing the report creation and delivery platform.

Meradia leveraged existing experience and overall industry and vendor knowledge to accelerate the selection process. Meradia’s robust, transparent and highly-collaborative methodology enabled the evaluation and selection to be completed in a timely fashion with a high degree of confidence that the best vendor was selected.


Meradia provided the client with:

  • Clear, documented understanding of the current reporting process and requirements, aligned to the client’s strategic vision and constraints.
  • Vendor landscape review with rationale for short list inclusion.
  • Transparent vendor evaluation criteria including scorecards, targeted scripted demonstrations and checklist of critical requirements.

Meradia guided the client and vendors through a structured RFP process that was inclusive of pricing, service levels, technical requirements, reference calls and implementation questions.

Our final recommendations for the client included the differentiators that drove the decision, projected implementation effort projections and cost estimates. Further, Meradia collaborated with the client to outline the future state operating model and integration of the solution together with a change management plan.

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