The Meradia team works with some of the largest asset managers in the industry, providing strategic guidance on data management, governance, productivity enhancements, IBOR, technology, reporting assessments and competitive analysis. Our work spans the front, middle, and back office with a great depth of experience in a wide-range of industry vendors and service providers.

The financial industry is witnessing a transformational ‘tidal wave’ of change, with vendors exerting a gravitational pull on the front
Recently, we attended a financial data industry event and listened to one company after another share their experiences in their
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can throw projects into a frustrating and mind-numbing stall, which is catastrophic to any transformation. The

Asset Owners

Asset owners seek opportunities for growth while managing risks, and with Meradia’s expertise and personalized approach, we plot a course to achieve both. 

From trading through performance attribution, we offer bespoke engagements that align with your unique strategic and operational objectives.

We’ll guide you through projects based on detailed analysis, planning, and up-to-date industry knowledge, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in managing the complex mix of global private and public assets owned by pensions, government funds, and endowment offices.

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We engage with pension providers on vendor selection, solution design and implementation for performance and analytics measurement, investment accounting, data strategy, and governance. Our work allows providers to optimize technology in their operations and leverage Meradia’s bench strength for implementation.


We work with family offices and multi-family offices in a wide-range of sizes on application stack, organizational design, operational processes, client reporting, and strategic roadmaps to better serve their base of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) investors. Through our work, our clients have actionable next steps, future state architecture roadmap, and a team at Meradia to facilitate and support each step of the process.


Partnering with universities, nonprofits, churches and hospitals, our work with endowments and foundations allows these organizations to enhance their operations functionality and scalability by improving outsourcing and optimization, vendor management and assessments, as well as data architecture.


Some of the largest and most sophisticated insurance companies entrust Meradia with investment accounting system selection, conversions, implementations, target operating models, performance measurement, and validation of system functionality. We understand the special requirements insurers face with Statutory and GAAP reporting requirements.

Typical vendor selection methodologies include consecutive steps made by the buying firm. Their first step is to consider an ‘anything
The operations arms of Insurance Investment Managers are experiencing increased activity. With challenges mounting from increased customer expectations, a challenging
Investment accounting is an ever-changing process, especially for insurance companies and publicly traded insurers. Statutory accounting regulations (STAT) from the

Wealth Management

Our consultants work with some of the top wealth managers in the world on best-in-class reporting, competitive analysis, data management, vendor selection, and implementation, allowing them to provide top-level financial planning and investment advisory services to affluent investors.

Today, many wealth management firms seek to find the right balance between meeting client needs and achieving scalability. Using model
Meradia’s 2020 wealth management survey collates information from interviews with key executives in the industry. The participating firms range from
Wealth managers offer a variety of services for high net worth, ultra-high net worth and institutional clients. Their services may


Outsourced investment solutions offered by consultants, banks, multi-product/managers-of-managers, and mutual fund complexes are all supported under Meradia’s umbrella of expertise. We provide these industry leaders in the OCIO market segment with system optimization, data strategy, process flow documentation, and project management initiatives.

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Solution Providers

Meradia has worked with outsourcing relationships in a variety of capacities – as an objective, independent middle layer (jointly funded by both entities), as a client advocate, and as a vendor liaison. From excitement in the beginning of the project to difficult change and a learning curve best categorized as contentious during the push phase, Meradia Consultants ease the inevitable communication gap, accelerate progress, and defuse tension.

Investment Performance transformation projects are notoriously difficult. Why? Investment Performance is, at its core, an enterprise data function in disguise.
In today’s investment operations, errors are an unfortunate fact of life, and asset managers must have a comprehensive controls framework
Have you selected a new investment operations system to replace your legacy technology and manual workarounds? Or have you decided


There is no one-size-fits-all vendor, and every transformation journey is unique for every type of investment manager. Whether you are a choosing a new technology solution, starting the hard work of conversion, or trying to decide how to rationalize redundant platforms, Meradia brings independent, objective, and practical breadth of experience, reducing your costs and improving client satisfaction.

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