At the core of a successful initiative is a solid foundation of strong project management. This ensures alignment to the budgetary, risk, and strategic goals of an organization, as well as facilitates efficient integration of new products and/or processes into the established operation model. Strong leadership around the phases of a project from establishing milestones to choosing the right team and executing a communication and governance plan is key to managing risk and overall success.

Meradia understands the challenges related to appropriately staffing multiple projects simultaneously and is positioned to lead the most complex programs. Our consultants have decades of experience on both the operational and technical sides of investment operations functions. This allows us to ensure that a project and its outcomes are not only meeting internal goals, but are also aligned with industry best practices.

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All Investment Managers have a constantly evolving systems architecture. As individual systems move through their life cycle – implementation, operation, and retirement – conversions and integrations are almost a daily fact of life. Meradia consultants break the problem down into three steps:

  • Conversion is the process of mapping current data and processing to a future state, planning the steps, and executing the plan.
  • Integration is the design and development of lines of communications between the elements of a solution.
  • Testing occurs on three levels: unit testing, integration testing, and final system testing. Because of the volume and effort at stake, testing must be carefully planned to maximize use of available resources.
Now more than ever, investment managers are outsourcing the responsibility of improving operational efficiency. Service providers taking on this task
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Once the decision to replace an investment performance system has been made, most firms kick off the effort by mobilizing


Driven by the extraordinary pace of technology change, as well as significant organizational growth and cost control measures, process design and re-engineering has become a critical ongoing component of a successful business unit. Continual rationalization of workflows ensures that a company is on the forefront of efficient operation.

Meradia consultants have led operational and technology organization and, as a result, understand the relevant operating models in great detail. Starting with a clear and accurate baseline, we organize around the desired outcomes, ensuring that strategic alignment, sponsorship, and a sound change management process are in place to support the transformations.

When conducting a system-wide transformation, there are certain details that tend to be neglected. While some missing pieces can be
The Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) space has grown dramatically during the past decade, with new institutions moving into the
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