4 Mistakes When Implementing a Data Catalog

Building and implementing a data glossary are two common goals for many investment firms in their annual strategy setting. But what happens when you rush into it without proper planning? Four common mistakes can occur which can hamper your development or make the final product irrelevant. This paper will discuss these missteps and offer prevention strategies.

by Andrew R. Jacob, CFA, Senior Consultant

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Automation: Taking Back Control From Excel and Email Anarchy

If your firm relies on homegrown tools like Excel and email to coordinate tasks, track status and transfer information, your business could be at risk of inefficiencies, or much worse. Here, we explore how business process automation can transform your operating model.

by Mick Cartwright, CIPM, Managing Director
Tim Jager, Senior Manager
Byron Derti, Analyst

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Market Data Contracts – Managing the Invisible Fence

Market data is like a river that flows through an investment firm’s landscape, supplying the essential data to function and operate competitively. Exchanges and vendors that own and provide this data often charge a premium due to its exclusive nature. The way investment firms acquire this data is via market data contracts, which may carry restrictions that seem onerous. In this paper, we will discuss the nature of these restrictions and four approaches to handling them.

by Andrew R Jacob, CFA, Senior Consultant
Jose Michaelraj, CIPM, CAIA, Manager

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