Signs It’s Time To Re-Evaluate Your Outsource Solution

Has your outsource solution lived up to its expectations? Have real-world problems with integration and the production environment simply shifted bottlenecks or errors to new areas? Key operational components and workflows are the lifeblood of any large organization. But when decisions to outsource were made years or even decades ago, the criteria becomes dated and inapplicable. Don’t overlook these three signs it’s time to re-evaluate your outsource solution.

by Benjamin P. Smith, Client Partner…

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Purchasing a New Trading Platform? Don’t Overlook These Key Requirements

Portfolio management and trading platforms are some of the most critical decision-making, analysis, asset management and workflow tools within your organization. When it comes time for a system overhaul, small missteps can have costly and negative impacts. Let’s uncover the key requirements your firm can’t afford to miss in a system analysis.

by Elizabeth M. Colebrooke, Principal…

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5 Client Experience Trends – And Why Your Firm Should Be Paying Attention

As financial firms seek to expand distribution, enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve performance, they must also focus on the client experience. From the initial point of contact to ongoing client servicing and reporting, all interactions matter – and your clients are taking note. Negative experiences could lead to lost revenue, but positive experiences could be the key to unlocking future revenue. To ensure your business is staying competitive, consider these five trends shaping the client experience today.

by Timothy W. Jager, Principal…

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Cracking the Code on Automating Alternatives Data Management

We’ve seen a number of technology solutions emerge in recent years that attempt to address the challenges facing Alternatives Data Management (ADM). No two tools are the same, and it’s important for investment management firms to understand their capabilities. We reached out to Canoe Intelligence, a financial technology company focused on reimagining alternative investment data processes for institutional investors, wealth managers, capital allocators and asset servicing firms, for their perspective on how alternative investors and allocators manage their reporting needs.

by Christine (Tina) M. Madel, CFA, Principal

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